A Feast for the Eyes and Palate: Taittinger Collection from 1983 to 1992

Way back in 1983, Claude Taittinger commissioned a Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely to create unique artwork for a small number of bottles from the 1978 vintage. It was so successful that it sparked a series of limited edition bottles in the years to follow. Over the years - and only from the finest vintages - there has been artwork collaborated with various world-renowned artists including French surrealist Andre Masson and American pop artist Robert Rauschenberg, which all comes together as magnificent collectibles for Champagne lovers!

Today we are glad to offer a stunning parcel collection of 6 bottles across 1983 to 1992- one bottle from each vintage, priced below market at average price of only HK$1,900 per bottle this is a magical collection which is too good to be true for all Champagne and art-lovers out there!

Taittinger Collection (6 bottles)

1x Taittinger Collection Da Silva 1983

87 pts Richard Juhlin

Marketing Price#: HK$2,586

1x Taittinger Collection Lichtenstein 1985

93 pts Wine Advocate

Market Price#: HK$2,738

1x Taittinger Collection Hartung 1986

93 pts Richard Juhlin

Market Price#: HK$2,494

1x Taittinger Collection Imaï 1988

94 pts Wine Advocate

Market Price#: HK$1,136

1x Taittinger Collection Corneille 1990

93 pts Richard Juhlin

Market Price#: HK$3,164

1x Taittinger Collection Matta 1992

85 pts Richard Juhlin

Market Price#: HK$2,150


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