Private Cellar of Domaine Ponsot from 1999 to 2014, Best Market Prices!

We can never hide our love for Domaine Ponsot as their wines never fail to impress us, plus their continuous efforts in developing innovations in bottling and packaging to maintain the conditions of their wines and protect themselves from counterfeit wines have made us ever more impressed with the Domaine. For example, there is a provenance tracker in every case and a thermo indicator on every bottle’s label since 1999, use of "the ideal cork” to scientifically determine the oxygenating of the wines since 2009, and “Intelligent cases” which allows the buyers to track the temperature conditions of the case through NFC-enabled smartphones without having to open the case since 2013. Laurent Ponsot, the 4th generation at Domaine Ponsot, has continued to lead the Domaine to produce brilliant wines from Grand Crus to villages wines, and has developed a remarkable, unique style that clearly differentiates itself from other top producers in Gevrey-Chambertin.

Over the years we have been consistently buying from a private cellar which is only miles away from the Domaine. It is owned by a serious collector of Domaine Ponsot who receives allocation from the Domaine and all these bottles are kept in the cellar unmoved once it arrives. Last week we have been offered a list from the cellar and decided not to miss any line by taking the whole parcel. These are immaculate stock, purchased on release and professionally stored. Some of which are very rare in the market and all of these are offered below market prices#, don't miss this chance to pick up a few of these stunning bottles! Shipping leadtime at approx. 4 weeks, all are available for purchase as loose bottles but priority will be given to clients who confirm a case if it is marked as packed in “6*75cl" in the table below. If you cannot view the tables below, access the list HERE (for access from China, please view the list HERE).

Apart from the above, we are also delighted to discount a few Ponsot bottles from our stock, ready for delivery upon payment confirmation. Special offer valid until end of 6th Aug 2019 (Tue) -

Subject to final confirmation. Photos available on request.

Delivery is free-of-charge for orders HK$3,000 or above; otherwise a standard delivery fee of HK$80 will apply.

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