Subscribers Special! Very Rare Champagne from the Son of Jacques Selosse - Guillaume Selosse Au Dess

After we sold out the few bottles of Guillaume Selosse back in Oct 2017, we have been able to acquire 6 more bottles. There are only about 650 bottles made each year and we are able to offer these at very special prices so this is well worth your consideration!

If you like Selosse Champagnes, or simply just love Champagne, this is one you must try. From the son of the legendary Anselme Selosse who has been shadowing his dad in the house for several years, he has made a Champagne from his single vineyard which is widely believed to be as good as the top wines from Jacques Selosse.

Guillaume Selosse made his first Champagne and started his own label in 2009, Au Dessus du Gros Mont, using grapes from the precious old vines he received from his grandmother on his 18th birthday, and under the guidance of his dad. His Champagne is gaining increased interest among the followers of Selosse however it is so hard to find due to the micro-production with less than 650 bottles produced each year - have you ever heard any smaller production than this?

Given the scarcity there isn’t much background information or critic notes about the wine, however we have found some reviews on which confirms how impressive Guillaume's work is and certainly worth the try –

“Extremely impressed. Better than dad? Dont like to admit but might prefer this even to favourite Krug... obvious oxidative character. Oak present, youthfull still, nice complex nose, but Wow what a mouthfeel. Intense, finesse, Fantastic combination of creamy mousse and fine acidity. Just so nice with lots of energy. Oak still bit too much in finish but doesn't bother, over all Fantastic wine.” Vivino User SOMMOS – Job, 11th Sep 2017

“This is Guillaume Selosse first wine, made in 648 bottles. Epic to try. So hunted all over the world. Father Anselme is helping out, and the wine is disgorged July '16. The small parcel is called 'Au dessus du Gros Mont' and is all Chard. Very Selosse styled showing yeast, dry pear, smoke and sour apples. I believe they are still experimenting with dosage (1,5 Gr) level and all the other techniques. A wine for the future, and the new generation of Selosse will no doubt continue to do magic.” Vivino User !! Donners !! ·, 2nd Apr 2017

We have secured additional stock from France yesterday night, act fast if you are interested to try this extremely rare wine from Guillaume Selosse, first come, first served -

Guillaume Selosse Au Dessus du Gros Mont NV

HK$4,650 per bottle Special offer - HK$8,400 per 2 bottles pack (Average $4,200 per bottle) We can also offer the following from Jacques Selosse – Jacques Selosse Lieux-dits 'La Cote Faron' Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru Ay Extra Brut HK$2,400 per bottle Subject to final confirmation. Arrive in 2 weeks.

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