George Roumier - "seductively fruity in their youth yet with excellent ageing potential" J

When talking about Chambolle Musigny, the small village has a few names to follow – George Roumier, JF Mugnier and Comte de Vogue. Although all three of them have been producing excellent Chambolle Musigny wines, George Roumier usually stands out and come up on top of these names because of small production and rare matured vintages making them nearly impossible to find; and last but not least, they are expensive, costing you fifty thousands for Musigny and nearly ten thousands for Bonnes Mares and Amoureuses.

Simply put, George Roumier wines are in a different league from most of the other domaines in Chambolle-Musigny. They are pure, seductive and fruit-forward. There isn’t any hard edge in George Roumier’s wines, from Le Musigny to Bourgogne. Nowadays they should no longer be referred to as neither “cheap” nor mere “good value” as with their quality, they could easily be compared against some of the biggest names in Burgundy, such as DRC, Leroy and Rousseau.

We therefore believe George Roumier is a top name to buy in 2017 before the prices go further up. See our best offers on a selective range of George Roumier below -

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