A collection of Dujac Clos de la Roche from 2005 to 2012

Domaine Dujac

A solid powerhouse in Burgundy, Domaine Dujac is run by the Seysses family and regarded as a top estate with modernized winemaking. Their wines are unique, always with fully-ripe fruitiness and enjoyable when young but also offering long aging potential. Burgundy critic Clive Coates MW is one of the followers of Domaine Dujac and described the domaine as follows –

“The Dujac style has always been one of great elegance and purity, wines of poise and balance, and this has been enhanced of late, as much because the average age of the vines has increased as to any nuancing of the wine-making processes. Though not bio-dynamic, the viticulture is, and always has been, firmly ecological. Judging by the 2005s and most of the vintages since – though I am rather suspicious about the 2006s (the Clos de la Roche as well as the Clos Saint-Denis) - the wines are even better than they used to be. What I like about them is that they are always ripe, fresh and fragrant without ever hinting at excess acidity. This is one of the great Burgundy domaines.” - Clive Coates MW

We are excited to have found a parcel of the top wine from Domaine Dujac – Clos de la Roche Grand Cru - of vintages from 2005 to 2012. All with scores over 94 pts from Allen Meadows. Based on market prices#, we are now offering this parcel at a discount more than 11%, only HK$49,950 for 11 bottles, and they could be considered to sell separately -

Parcel offer - Dujac

Subject to final confirmation. Available in 2 -3 weeks.

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#Market prices refer from wine searcher average price

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