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Leclerc Briant was founded in 1872 and was a pioneer in biodynamic viticulture. Sadly when they faced difficulties upon the passing of the 5th generation Leclerc in 2010, they sold off most of their vineyards and it was until 2012 that an American couple purchased and revived the brand. They then hired Hervé Jestin, a famous, talented and experienced winemaker, to be the winemaker at Leclerc Briant, and Frederic Zeimett, who worked on business development for LVMH group for 25 years, as general manager.

Having grown up in the area, Jestin strongly believed that the sea near the small island "Ouessant" would increase the energy of the wine, hence he carefully selected his grapes from Champagne villages which were known for their limestone subsoil and those that offer resonance with the marine sediment in the area to create the cuvee, then submerged the bottled champagne 60 metres down in the Atlantic after disgorgement from 3 years of lees aging, resulting in the creation of the "Abyss" with its first vintage in 2012. He was spot on with his idea and the Champagne turned out to show higher energy and vibrance than that of those aged in the cellars on ground, offering rich and complex flavours such as that of dried apricot, apple, brioche and hazelnut.

The Champagne house has since been buying more vineyards to allow for increase in production volume to match its growing popularity around the globe. Today, we are pleased to offer the Abyss from the 2015 vintage which is made from 34% Pinot Noir, 33% Pinot Meunier and 33% Chardonnay, and is the fourth release of this cuvee. Immediately available from stock now, order now at the special price of HK$1,590, valid until 23rd July 2021 only! -

Leclerc-Briant 'Abyss' Brut Zero 2015 (Individual Gift-box)

HK$1,680 per bottle

Special Offer - HK$1,590 per bottle (Valid until 23rd July 2021)

Immediately available from stock

More information about this vintage:

2015 is the fourth Leclerc Briant’s Abyss. A wine which is selected specifically to be suitable to the conditions of under the sea. A blend is a third of each of the noble Champagne varieties, chosen from vineyards with a high abundance of chalk. After 3 years of lees aging in their historic cellars, the wines are submerged off the coast of Brittany. At a depth of 60 meters under the surface, it is a constant 2-4c in temperature, with no oxygen or light- an ideal environment for the maturation of Champagne. This where the Houses’ bioenergetic philosophy is affirmed, after a year in the deep, Hervé maintains that the permanent state of ocean dynamism gives the wine profound energy. Complete with barnacles, each bottle is different, both tactile, expressive & powerfully stimulating. 2015 was a dry and sunny year which favoured organic vineyards as vines had to use their roots to bring water resource from the chalk bedrock. It is a rarely ‘chalky’ year as the vintage, and the natural winemaking of Leclerc Briant give a naked, transparent view into the soul of vintage and their terroir.

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