Special Offer! Gaja Rossj-Bass Langhe 2018 from HK$460 Per Bottle Only

Founded in 1859 in the Piedmont region, Gaja is one of the most iconic winemakers in Italy and had a significant impact on the growth of Italian wines. Currently owning around 250 acres of vineyards in the Barbaresco and Barolo district of Piedmont, it is one of the rare fine wine brands that can compete against the top names in Burgundy and Bordeaux, which Angelo Gaja – father of the current owner Gaia Gaja, often credited with this remarkable success.

Angelo took over the Domaine in 1970, aiming not only to remain the basic power of Nebbiolo, but also deliver a more refined wine style, with richer colour, fuller fruit, and a better balance. To do so, he introduced a complete makeover to the vineyards and the cellar, by replanting most of the vineyards, installing temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks, introducing the ageing wines in small oak barrels, and most importantly, releasing single vineyard Babaresco. He also introduced Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay on Barbaresco vineyards, enabling the expansion of wider grape varieties, in which they were the very first to bring Chardonnay to Piedmont. One of the wines that focused on the use of Chardonnay is Gaja Rossj-Bass which was first produced in 1988 and uses a blend of 95% Chardonnay and 5% Sauvignon Blanc from their Treiso and Serralunga vineyards. Fermented in steel and aged in oak for 6 months, it is a very inviting Chardonnay, offering exquisite class and elegance, in which a gently aromatic note is imparted by the addition of the Sauvignon Blanc.

Today we are pleased to share their Rossj-Bass Langhe 2018 at a special offer of just HK$460 per bottle if you purchase 3 bottles or above. Do not hesitate to acquire a few of this beautiful bottle -

2018 Gaja Rossj-Bass Langhe

HK$480 per bottle

Special Offer: HK$460 per bottle if you purchase 3 bottles or above

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