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A Grande Marque Champagne which anyone who is into wine would be familiar with, Dom Pérignon is a luxury cuvee offering some of the best presentations of Champagne. The Champagne is superbly long-aging but sadly most are drunk far too young. Dom Pérignon is best to be enjoyed when they are mature, as it has been made with a reductive style that usually takes a very long time to evolve in the bottle, in which it becomes tremendously refined and complex, thus the House holds back a small quantity from each vintage for further ageing - almost 14 years before disgorgement and another 2 years post-disgorgement - before releasing into the market as the glorious "Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2" (aka "P2").

Yesterday, their latest P2 2003 was released. The 2003 vintage was a year of severe weather conditions in which they experienced frost in the winter followed by one of the hottest summers in France. These extreme weather conditions led to the growth of concentrated fruit rich in tannins and Dom Perignon was only one of the very few Houses to declare the vintage. They took on a completely different route, one of which was to let the must oxidise before fermentation in order to purify the fruits - something they had never done before - and they were rewarded with a wine that captured both the ripeness of the vintage and superb vibrancy, but still with an abundance of elegance, depth and concentration. Proving again the strength of Dom Perignon being able to create unique harmony in whatever the year gives.

The Chef de Cave, Vincent Chaperon, stated that Dom Pérignon 2003 P2 "reveals itself in a spiral" - after the "initial aromas of dried fruits and lime tree", it follows with a "grey, toasted ashy minerality" which is "so typical of Dom Pérignon". Wine Critics around the globe are in unison with their praises for this latest release of P2, and have scored this highly - 95-96 points by Richard Juhlin, 18 out of 20 points by Jancis Robinson, 98 points by James Suckling... The list goes on.

As with all P2 releases, it is always recommended to secure them when you can as it may well be the only opportunity to get your hands on these, or pay a much higher price when they become available again in the secondary market which might be a couple years from now, so do not miss the chance to secure a few bottles now, at our special offer prices as low as HK$2,320 per bottle!

Dom Perignon P2 Plenitude Brut 2003 HK$2,480 per bottle HK$2,380 per bottle if you purchase 3 bottles or above HK$2,320 per bottle if you purchase 6 bottles or above

ETA 8-10 weeks 95-96pts Richard Juhlin A wonderful and unique wine from an equally unique vintage filled with oxidation-preventing phenols. I have always been a faithful defender of this wine. It will forever be unique and different with a higher density and concentration than any other Dom Pérignon. Every minute a new sequence of aromas that dominates appears. In some sips the gray toasted and classic notes dominate, next time iodine and oyster shell take over to let the richly candied fruit of peach, mango and apricot jam take over in a third wave. What makes me recognize the vintage are the notes of licorice, black truffle, ash, tar, salt and asphalt. The structure is monumental and muscular with a wonderful interplay between dynamics, rhythm and intensity. In the taste, the same dark notes emerge as in the aroma, but the fruit is in this P2 stage more floral and spicy with a hint of lemongrass and mint where the normally disgorged version breathes more nougat, mint chocolate and orange. 18 out of 20 points Jancis Robinson The notoriously daring vintage of Dom Pérignon at 18 years old in recently disgorged form. Rich, broad nose, with notes of candied mandarin - not instantly recognizable as Dom P on the nose. Toasty palate entry and still quite rich on the palate, thanks to lower than usual acidity presumably. Again, there was no fear of phenolics when making this wine as the logic was that the phenolics would make up for the softness of the acidity. This is now a gentle wine with very much its own personality. Soft and smoky at the start and then saline and refreshing on the finish. It's more like a bit of told-you-so evidence than necessarily, the one Dom P you would choose from the current range available. But, boy, does it persist! Drink 2021 – 2027 98pts James Suckling This is a very thick, dense Dom Pérignon with layers of ripe fruit. Dried apple, pineapple and pie crust with some nougat undertones. Dense and layered with chewy tannins and a juicy finish. Umami undertone. This has the highest percentage of Pinot Noir ever. 15 years on the lees in bottle. 62% Pinot Noir and 38% Chardonnay. Drink or hold. Subject to final confirmation.

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