Time To Stock Up! Louis Roederer Cristal 2007 & 2009 (w/Gift-box) and 2006 & 2005 Available

Thanks to the huge scores from Galloni and a glowing tasting note that puts it up there with the best vintages, it is a great time to buy. A serious prestige cuvee with massive structure and complexity which demands long cellaring, price of back vintages Cristal tends to rise seriously and hard to find due to the high demand and consumption. We recommend the highest scoring Vintage 2007 – from our experience tasting all 4 vintages, we believe 2007 has the highest potential to be a powerful Champagne in the next 4-5 years. Giving the current price, it would definitely be wise to stock up a few to enjoy now and some for further aging.

From conversations of a few suppliers in Europe, the price of Champagne will increase 5-8% from April 2017 so this possibly a good time to consider stocking up!

Louis Roederer 2007 with Gift Box

Louis Roederer Cristal 2009

HK$1,065/Bt (case of 6*75cl, available in 5 weeks)

HK$1,090/Bt (With individual gift box, case of 6*75cl, available in 5 weeks)

96+ pts Antonio Galloni Rich, radiant and totally seductive, the 2009 Cristal possesses remarkable depth and striking purity. I have often felt that Cristal is released too young, but that is not at all the case with the 2009, a Champagne that is absolutely glorious today. The ripeness of the vintage comes through in spades in the wine's luxurious, enveloping personality. I remember tasting the vins clairs and the Cristal blend back in the spring of 2010. The finished wine is every bit as alluring as those early tastings suggested it would be. The 2009 is a superb Cristal in the making. The 2009 blend is 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. The percentage of wine aged in oak is 15%, which is down slightly from previous vintages.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2007

HK$1,070/Bt (1*75cl in loose, immediately available)

HK$1,055/Bt (case of 6*75cl, immediately available)

HK$1,095/Bt (With individual gift box, case of 6*75cl, available in 5 weeks)

97+ pts Antonio Galloni

Long-time Chef de Caves Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon has produced yet another in a string of superb Champagnes with the 2007 Cristal. Rich, powerful and enveloping, the 2007 takes hold of all the senses and never lets up. The aromatics alone are captivating, but then the wine opens on the palate, revealing layer after layer of flavor to match a multi-dimensional, kaleidoscopic personality that will leave Champagne lovers weak at the knees. The 2007 is 58% Chardonnay and 42% Pinot Noir, which is to say a bit more Chardonnay-leaning than is the norm. The 2007 is striking today, but it should also age effortlessly for several decades. It is also without question one of the very finest new releases of the year.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2006

HK$1,180/Bt (case of 6*75cl, available in 2 weeks)

97 pts Antonio Galloni

Broad, ample and resonant on the palate, the 2006 Cristal dazzles with its pure richness and volume. Readers need to give the 2006 another 4-5 years in bottle, perhaps longer, as the wine appears to be shutting down a bit. Tasted next to the 2002, today the 2006 is a bit less opulent but just as intense, layered and deep.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2005

HK$1,180/Bt (case of 6*75cl, available in 2 weeks)

92 pts Antonio Galloni The 2005 Brut Cristal stands out for its exceptional inner perfume and elegance. Soft, delicate and pretty, the 2005 is relatively immediate Cristal with all of the signatures very much in the right place. The 2005 doesn't have the opulence of the 2002 nor the focus of the 2004, but it is a very pretty, if somewhat small-scaled version of this iconic Champagne. I would drink the 2005 while the 2002 and 2004 age. Although Cristal has an impeccable track record when it comes to aging, personally I would not push it with the 2005.

Subject to final confirmation. Available in 4-5 weeks. Prices only valid for broking and expires on 30th March 2017.

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Photo credit: Louis Roederer website

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