Faiveley 2015 - A Great Vintage For Quality

Owning over 110 hectares of vineyard, Domaine Faiveley is arguably one of the biggest domaines as well as one of the best producers in Burgundy.

2015 was definitely a successful vintage for Domaine Faiveley in terms of quality. The vintage was described by Erwan Faiveley as "great vintage for quality but not for quantity because there was a lot of shatter during the flowering”.

Faiveley’s style has been changed dramatically in recent years, from tannic, high fruit extracted wines to fresher and fruitier style of wines that are enjoyable young. We are honored to offer the latest vintage 2015, which are highly rated by Allen Meadows –

All packed in 6*75cl with a minimum order of 6 bottles. Directly coming from the cellar of Domaine Faiveley.

Subject to final confirmation. Estimated arrival time in July 2017.

To order, email us at or call/Whatsapp +852 9792 7766.

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