Potinet Ampeau Ex-Domaine between 1976 and 1990 (Shipping ETA Feb 2017)

Shipping direct from the library cellars of Potinet-Ampeau, Burgundy Cave has selected three wines from over thirty samples. These three highly recommended wines, from 1976 to 1990, present an interesting opportunity for Burgundy lover.

A unique approach in Burgundy, Potinet-Ampeau reserved a considerable part of their production in their cellar before they are ready to drink, these have remained undisturbed in Domaine Potinet-Ampeau’s cellars since bottling. We have sampled them and believe they are unbelievably fresh and young.

Potinet Ampeau Pommard Pezerolles 1er Cru 1978

HK$1,150 per bottle

36 bottles available

Pommard Pezerolles is regarded as the finest plot in Pommard, producing feminine styles of red with delicate bouquet and structure.

Potinet Ampeau Blagny La Piece Sous Le Bois 1er Cru 1976

HK$750 per bottle

36 bottles available

Located in Meursault and it is the vineyard which produced unique style of red surrounded by white grape vines.

Potinet Ampeau Savigny Les Beaune Lavieres 1er Cru 1990

HK$650 per bottle

36 bottles available

Savigny Les Beaune produced 90% of red wines and they need a bit of time to evolve. The 1990 is showing impressively after it reached over 20 years of cellar aging.

Stock subject to final confirmation. Shipping direct from Beaune, ETA in early February 2017.

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